These Epic Poems Have More Gore Than Most Horror Movies

Epic poetry can be soaring and inspiring, telling Big Stories that mingle myth and history. They’re tapestries that form the core identities of entire cultures, and sometimes they are nasty. The following excerpts are sourced from epic poetry from around the world, and none of them are for the faint of heart. Break out your bloodborne pathogen kits and read on if you dare!

Njáls Saga:  Intestification

The Chive

This Icelandic epic tells the story of an ancient Viking invasion of Ireland. The Irish High King Brian Boru was killed in battle with the Norse, and his death was avenged by his intimidatingly-named brother in the following manner:

Ulf the Quarrelsome cut open his belly, and led him round and round the trunk of a tree, and so wound all his entrails out of him, and he did not die before they were all drawn out of him.