The Most Horrifying Defense Mechanisms in the Animal Kingdom

Anyone who has spent any appreciable amount of time on Earth can agree on one thing: nature is horrifying. It’s a desperate, zero-sum struggle for survival, where organisms are constantly using every method at their disposal to stay alive for the next few seconds. Survival is an ugly, ugly business, and the following animals routinely do some utterly horrifying things to their fellow creatures to keep on breathing. These animal defense mechanisms are awful, terrifying, and absolutely real.

Bombardier beetle

Apologetics Press

This otherwise-unassuming insect has one of the most dangerous butts in the animal kingdom. When threatened, it opens two small chambers with its abdomen, and the resulting chemical reaction is positively explosive. The mixture is highly exothermic, and erupts out of the beetle’s business end at a temperature just shy of the boiling point of water, scalding anything in its path. Boiled by beetle butt juice; what a hilarious and brutal way to die.