Watch How This Satanic Monument To Fallen Soldiers Is Made In Timelapse (It’s Beautiful!)

A small town in Minnesota wants religious monuments to fallen soldiers, so The Satanic Temple had a “Baphometic Bowl of Wisdom” made to signify that not only Christian soldiers have given their lives for the USA, and to push the line of state-church separation that The Satanic Temple argues should not allow any religious displays on public property.

You can see how this beautiful monument designed by artist Chris Andres is made by machinist Adam Volpe during this time-lapse video by Pretty Hate Machining.

Would you support something like this going up in your town?

  • Thirty-five Sandcastles

    That’s amazing! I checked out that guy’s website and he’s made tons of great stuff! I really want one of those giant Final Fantasy swords but I’m wondering if he can make one for me that’s light enough for me to wield with one hand? I’m not a big manly guy like he is.

    I wish that video was 2 minutes shorter tho…..